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A Perfect World

Have you ever had someone tell you what you’re capable of? In life people will always place perceptions on us and tell us what we should be. In a society that is driven by a false perception of perfection nothing is ever good enough. Whether we are too fat, too slow, too dumb, too ugly, too skinny, too smart, too rich, or too poor it never seems to be enough. We are taught as men when we wake up the first thing we should see is a chiseled body and as woman the figure of a model.

We are raised to believe that only certain people are “beautiful” or “perfect.” We grow to accept others perceptions rather than to create our own. We learn to conform rather than to be ourselves. We are taught to look for what is different in a person (skin color, hair color, height, weight, face shape, physical deformities, limb differences) rather than what makes us the same. And most of all we accept the limitations that society places on our lives.


The only person who can determine what you are capable of is the Man upstairs and you and it starts with YOU! When you wake up in the morning and you look into that mirror you need to say to yourself “Hey this is me this is who I am, I’m created perfectly.” God says, “I made you in my image.” Psalms 139:14 “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.”

So, if God made the world, God made everything that is beauty, God made you, He made the models we see on TV, He made the athletes we see playing the games but, what we forget is he also made those people who society says is too slow, too fat, too skinny, too smart, too rich, too poor, and too dumb! GOD MADE EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! So, if He made everyone and He’s making everyone in His image how are we not beautiful? How are we not perfect?

Lets talk about this FALSE perception of what perfection is.

Growing up I’ve heard many people say “there is no such thing as perfect.” In my opinion everyone is perfect! Perfection is seen in the dictionary as flawless or without mistake. Webster and I  apparently disagree! When it comes to people perfection should be seen as accepting who you are, knowing that you can always get better in every aspect of life and loving others for who they are not who we want them to be. People need to know that they do not need to change to satisfy the world…. The world needs to change to accommodate you!

Remember you are God’s creation and they are God’s creation. So, if we are all God’s creation and we’re all God’s beauty, then what is perfect? What is imperfect? What is a disability?

I’ve been that kid who was told I had a disability. I’ve been that kid that would hide my nub in my pocket in public out of fear of what the world would think. I’ve been that kid who came home in tears because I felt like I would never be accepted in this world. And I’ve been that kid who looked himself in the mirror, realized that God made him this way for a reason and that I would prove everyone who ever doubted me wrong. Now,  I am the man who swings his nub from the side as he walks proudly. Today I recognize myself as PERFECT. Not perfect in WEBSTERS form, not perfect in what society feels, but perfect in God’s image. I am flawed, I have sinned, I have made plenty of mistakes and I have my differences but, because MY GOD IS PERFECT and I am made in His Image I AM HIS PERFECT CREATION and SO ARE YOU!


I hope you guys have enjoyed what I shared with you today. I don’t know if blog posts will become a thing for me or not mainly because I’m not the greatest writer. But, I felt it on my heart to share this with you all. Remember GOD LOVES YOU and SO DO I. If anyone ever feels alone please reach out if not to me then to somebody because YOU ARE PERFECT despite what others may say or think!

God Bless You All

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