Sam Kuhnert EMPOWERS!

Named IL Outstanding Young Person of the Year 2016
Named Citizen of the Year for DuQuoin, IL 2015

Inspirational & Motivational Speaker
Head Coach, Founder, and CEO of NubAbility Athletics Foundation

8400 Hidden Oaks Lane
Tamaroa, IL 62888

Phone: 618-357-0237


Speaker’s Profile for Adult/Corporate/Team Audience

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Speaker’s Intro:

Sam Kuhnert has a story. His story is one of adversity, acceptance and empowerment. Born without an “extra hand”, Sam has a congenital amputation of his left hand. Sam never let that fact slow him down or stop him from pursuing his dream of playing college baseball and coaching pitchers at the college level. Injury pulled him from the mound, not failure. Sam co-founded the rapidly growing global non-profit, NubAbility Athletics Foundation in 2011 when he was only 18-years old. (Nub: What many call their limb-different limb. Ability: Being able to.) Born in 1992, Sam has overcome more adversity in 24 years than many adults have in their entire life. Sam’s story is one of unique circumstances. Sam has had many challenges he has tackled in life:

  • Perception of his limits by others.
  • Being a victim of bullies.
  • Deadly diagnosis his freshman year of college.
  • Career ending injury.
  • Selfish pride at times.
  • These “mountains” have at times seemed immovable, to many they would be.
  • Sam is different. Sam uses the platform of “owning his difference” to inspire and motivate his audience to find or elevate their courage and confidence in order to summit their challenges and reveal their gifts and talents.


“I’ve spent my whole life adapting. Choosing to use what I have and what I can control to overcome challenging circumstances allows me to empower others to do the same.” Sam Kuhnert

Sam’s topics can be tailored to any audience: faith-based or public, young or old, school or corporate. Sam credits his faith for being the core of his strength. He’s a pro at adaptation. He’s adapted his entire life. However, one must know that from a young age, he drew strength from the belief he was created perfectly. Sam standing 6’6” in stature uses his physically dominating athletic appearance and sometimes one-handed, sport skill demonstrations to captivate his audience. His passionate and often humorous delivery brings his audiences to see themselves as they were destined to be. Sam’s experiences throughout his life as an athlete with a difference, a student, a college baseball coach, and C.E.O of NubAbility Athletics Foundation have given him an artillery of stories that move, empower and bolster. Sam loves people and is enthusiastic about empowering them to shine.

Keynote Topics & Audience:

High School/College/Adult/Corporate/Organization Public or Faith-based Audience:
*Sam can comfortably adapt all faith based presentations to public/corporate/secular audiences with respect for all individuals present. If you have any questions, please contact him.

1. So, What’s NubAbility Anyway, and Why Should I Care?…Encouraging Courage in Sport and in Life: An informative talk on the history, growth, events, impact and future of NubAbility Athletics Foundation. A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that serves youth athletes around the world with limb-loss that competes in mainstreamed school or league sport.



This is perfect for the Corporation, conference, school or organization that is promoting service to others as a way of life.
By presenting how he as a 18 year-old founded and launched a global nonprofit service charity, with the help of his mom, Sam sparks the passion of his audience to dream dreams of making a difference and empowering them to take action. His passion is encouraging courage and confidence through sport and in life to kids who desire to play the best with less and WIN!

2. Be a Champ!…Be Pitiful or Powerful, You Can’t Be Both!
Sam empowers the audience to take action bookmark-rock-your-difference2with confidence to make a difference in life.

  • For Faith-based audiences, Sam bases this on Psalm 139:14-16 is the basis for his message.
  • For non-faith-based audiences, Sam uses his life experiences in sport to convey how a championship mentality is generated from accepting uniqueness and differences of oneself and each team member.
  • Sam educates his audience on how God sees them.
  • He inspires those present to develop a positive self-image that reflects the glory that they were created in.
  • Differences become accepted and celebrated.
  • Audience becomes empowered to use their gifts and talents in order to become victorious on the job, following a dream, or in life.
  • Sam emphasizes TEAMWORK and becoming an encourager of team members on the job, in an organization, etc.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in Your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalms139:13-16


3.True Strength Doesn’t Come From the Weight Room… Sam Kuhnert’s delivers his testimony. No holds barred as he delves into the true redeeming power of Jesus in his life. He shares how his mantra since childhood “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” fueled him through his weakest of times and made him the man he has become today.

Any Audience/Any Age/Faith-based or Public: Joint presentation with Jana Kaye Kuhnert, Co-founder of NubAbility Athletics Foundation and Sam’s Mom.

Joint Presentations:

Sam and his mom, Jana Kaye Kuhnert have teamed up to deliver a unique and powerful message to their audi12745966_10207027110570925_3164587122038148579_nences. They dare others to step-up and make a difference where they are planted. The award winning and good works building mother and son team bolster and engage those present to be a game changer and make a difference. *Note that the fees for booking this dynamic duo will add an additional $400 per day for car travel and an additional $1000 per trip for air or overnight.


4. Bully Proofing: Overcoming the crappy way mean kids or big people make you feel: Sam and his mom hit on 3 key events in their lives as individuals, and as parent and child. They both can relate and will illustrate their strategies for taking the targets off of backs and becoming as bully proof as possible. They use their generational and relationship stations to display to others how the philosophy of being confident in your gifts and encourage the talents in others brings forth a life-changing, trickle down harvest of goodness. This presentation is tailored to the audience. Adults are bullied too!

  • Owning your gifts and differences.
  • Strategies for deleting drama from your workplace.
  • No one steals your joy!
  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

5. Know Your Role: How your place in organized sports has power to build champions or create losers in sport and in life.

Mama & Sam B&W

  • A game changer for teams, booster clubs, coaches, officials & parents. J
  • Jana sat on the 50 yard line for 12 years of varsity football games as a parent. Forever the team mom she cooked literally hundreds of team meals. Washed thousands of smelly game socks. She and her husband have three sons, all athletes. Her experiences in sport and in leading a global sport organization give her insight into the different roles those within a sport, team or organization play in building champions or destroying spirits.
  • Sam has been a jock since birth. With collegiate play and coaching under his belt, he knows what it takes to have a team of GAME CHANGERS.
  • Sam and his mom value competition and the lessons that victors and losers learn in sport for life. They thrive on the multi-faceted sport audience, but can tailor this talk to any sport minded group.


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