3-Sport Athlete. Visible Difference. ADD Conqueror.

Keynote Topics & Audience:

School/College/Team/Sport or Organizations Audience:

1. Bully Proof P.E.® Immersion Program

Possibly the most unique Anti-bully program available in schools!

Sam uses his own life experiences of being bullied.  He talks about how he had options in how he handled his bullies and eventually conquered them, when he accepted himself and owned his differences. His program is authentic and copyrighted by his mom, the author of the program. Jana Kaye Kuhnert, a former high school teacher of 10 years worked with at risk kids as a sponsor of the Life Saver program and a facilitator in the Student Assistance Program. Her experiences in school, her experiences as director of NubAbility Athletics Foundation and as Sam’s mother, led her to create a program that Sam quickly took to another level.

Sam participates in P.E. classes in a school setting. After a brief introduction by the Physical Education Instructor, he immerses himself in the action during the P.E. class. Sam then takes the last 10 minutes of each class to give a brief motivational talk and answer questions. Sam then delivers a powerful message at a general assembly of the student body.



  • Are exposed to adaptive athletic skills.
  • Become aware that all differences are not visible.
  • Are empowered to “own” their individual differences and gifts.
  • Encouraged to control what they can about how they present themselves to others.
  • Develop an appreciation for physical diversity among them.
  • Learn how to become more “Bully Proof”.
  • Receive a complimentary bookmark reminding them to “own their difference!”

2. Barbells, Burpees, Buzzers & Boys… A team or sports organization motivational talk that focuses on the male mindset in competitive sports and in life.

Presentation tailored to athletic minded audiences of all ages.
Sam speaks as a competitive athlete and a coach who has a visible difference that most see as limiting his ability to compete.
Encourages individuals to discover their true strength by becoming good teammates and men. founder-sam

  • How to compete with a *“No Excuses, I Came to Win” attitude.
  • He explores what prevents athletes and teams from *“Going for Gold”.
  • He inspires athletes to go *“All In, All the Time”.
  • He shows them becoming *“Unstoppable” is a mindset.
  • He speaks on developing an *“Unbreakable” spirit by addressing bullying within sport and bully proof strategies.

Sam is coaching champions all over the world and the * denotes a theme of each of his annual sport camps for athletes with limb-loss that train to compete in mainstreamed sport.

NOTE: This talk is even more empowering if Sam has the opportunity to “get physical” with his audience in either a practice, the weight room, or in some kind of scrimmage activity prior.

3. Going for Gold, All in All the Time in School and in Life…A motivational talk based on Sam’s experiences and achievements in sport and in life as a congenital amputee. Sam speaks as a former student, competitive athlete and coach whose difference most saw as limiting and made him a target for bullies and a subject pity. As Sam will explain, he not only deplored both bullies and pity, he overcame them.

Sam delivers a dynamic message to the student body, team or group:

  • Presents to age level present.
  • Explores what prevents students from “Going for Gold”.
  • Encourages courage in students to own their differences and gifts.
  • Inspires students to go “All In, All the Time”.
  • Explains how “Unstoppable” becomes a mindset developed by shrugging off the limits placed on them by others.
  • Motivates students to SHINE.


High School/College/Adult/Corporate/Organization Public or Faith-based Audience:

4. So, What’s NubAbility Anyway, and Why Should I Care?…Encouraging Courage in Sport and in Life: An informative talk on the history, growth, events, impact and future of NubAbility Athletics Foundation. A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that serves youth athletes around the world with limb-loss that competes in mainstreamed school or league sport.




This is perfect for the school or youth organization that is promoting service to others not only while a youth, but as a way of life.
By presenting how he as a 18 year-old founded and launched a global nonprofit service charity, with the help of his mom, Sam sparks the passion of his audience to dream dreams of making a difference and empowers them to take action.



“Word’s getting out and I’m ready to make it the best day of school ever for your students too!” ~Sam


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