Sam Kuhnert Keynote Speaker

For Teams

NO EXCUSES. I CAME TO WIN.                                                                                                  Sam is a former collegiate athlete and coach that never made excuses. He never let others’ doubts deflate his drive. Sam will share his own stories of persistence and grit to push your athletes to make the extra effort, both on and off the court or field. Your athletes will learn how to face adversity without the fear of failure, and how to use set-backs to motivate them to work harder.




  • Are taught to compete with a “NO EXCUSES” attitude
  • Learn what prevents athletes from reaching the top of their game
  • Learn that becoming “Unstoppable” is a mindset
  • Discover how to shut out the negativity and develop an “Unbreakable” spirit

NOTE: This talk is even more empowering if Sam has the opportunity to “get physical” with his audience in either a practice, the weight room, or in some kind of scrimmage activity prior.

Sam makes a BIG impact that keeps people talking long after the event:

“I had the privilege of first meeting Sam Kuhnert in July of 2013.  My first impression was that he was deeply passionate about his mission to inspire courage and confidence in limb different youth and had a natural way of connecting with every person who crossed his path.  I was so inspired by Sam that I invited him to share his message at our New England Regional Cultural Summit for Keller Williams Realty.
Sam captivated the audience of almost 500 and inspired them to think beyond whatever limits they may have and to know that all things are possible when faith and courage work together. Sam is a truly gifted speaker.  His purpose is clear, His message is authentic and his delivery heartfelt.  The message shared by Sam Kuhnert transcends age, industry, or difference.  It is about becoming the best you can be, to live a life without limits or excuses and to live with passion for a greater purpose.
I have been a business leader and coach for many years and would not hesitate to recommend Sam Kuhnert to speak at any corporate or community function.  As a Mother of 2 (limb-different) children, I would encourage any educational organization to engage his talent.  He WILL reach our youth in a positive and powerful way, and I am certain they will benefit from a new found perspective for the rest of their days.”                             -MaryBeth Gustitus / CEO Keller Williams Realty, Nashua

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